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Conservative Redux: My struggle to find an answer in suffering.

I was shoveling snow this morning and when I took a break, I noticed the numbers of my neighbor’s houses: 24, 26, 22…it was the last number that struck me. That was the age I first became a Christian.  I have wonderful memories since that time and several blog posts would be needed to write on the ways God has changed me to be a better man, husband, and father. However, one negative thing I recall was my deep committed self-assurrance in the face of suffering, especially my insensitive words toward hurting people. Some of those memories are quite horrific: I remember saying to a girl in a bible study who likely struggled with major depressive disorder that medicine was useless (she pleaded for help in the group and conveyed suicidal thoughts). I told her depression was big because her faith was small. I told an anxious teenager who struggled with stage-fright  to “get over it and trust in Jesus.” The worst memory of mine was saying to a grieving parent a year after the death of her so…