Locus of Control: Is it helpful to blame the system?

Locus of control is an individual's belief system regarding the causes of his or her experiences and the factors to which that person attributes success or failure.
~Richard B. Joelson
Locus of Control
I've been fascinated recently by a concept that's often neglected in our political discussions. The concept is called, "Locus of Control" or LOC from now on. LOC in personality psychology refers to the extent of control that a person feels they have in their lives. There are two categories of LOC: internal and external. If you believe that you have control over the things around you such as your salary, decisions, and relationships then you have a high internal LOC. If you believe that external variables are to blame for these decisions: "I can't move forward because of _____," or "He made me do it" then your external LOC is high. To illustrate please see below:

Internal LOC
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